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De-Gapper-Car Seat Gap Filler

Led Car Trash Bin

Led Car Trash Bin

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1.Keep your car clean and smelling good - This car trash can is scented, waterproof , leak proof trash cans can keep your vehicle clean and fresh smelling.

2.Leakproof: You don't have to worry about the coffee and food spills on your car interior. The trash cans can be used to dump your wrappers, tissues and unwanted trash but you can also spill your extra coffee, juice, water and the likes.

3.Smart LED - With LED light on the top of the pocket mouth to remind you to close the bag timely to avoid the diffusion of the garbage smell and accurately find the mouth of garbage at night.

4.Great Closure: 4 pcs magnets on the top of the mouth, aim to enhance the magnetic adsorption and avoid the diffusion of the odor.

5.High Quality: Made with a high quality durable PU materials and leak-proof waterproof design, it can provide maximum strength, durability and longevity.

6.Multi-use: The Trash Bag is not only a trash bag but can also used as a storage bag, whatever else you want to put inside.

7.Space-saving: Our garbage bag has come in a slim design that is small enough to fits the back of the seat. Sleek and not take away leg space. Since it has a compact size (30cm×29cm), using this trash is very easy and save lots of space.

Easy to install:

Convenient hook design, easily clip behind the seat, not easy to fall off.
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